“Maxima in Minimis”, or, in reference to German scholar and film director Alexander Kluge, “The Devil’s Blind Spot” could be two ways to paraphrase the meaning of “nuance”. Today more than ever, nuances play a crucial role as antidote against the distortive polarization of political and cultural discourse.

DOKUARTS 12 highlights the nuanced documentary film as an art form of the 21st century which is historically charged and forward-looking in equal measure. To capture and record nuances is an essential part of documentary filmmaking. Our new project, NUANCES NOW, sets out to develop a sensorium for their use and understanding in the audiovisual domain. The presented films all demonstrate a keen sense of shades and overtones, of complex tensions, turbulences of meaning, and ambiguities.

SAVE THE DATE: Symposium

In addition to the film program, an international symposium will be held on October 11, 2019. Details will be published at the end of August.

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Bergman - A Year in a Life, the opening film of DOKUARTS 2018 received the award for European Documentary 2018. Congratulations to Jane Magnusson and her team!


The international exhibition of cinematic work presented 24 new documentary films from 16 different countries. 12 of the films were contributed by female filmmakers.
All films were shown in Berlin for the first time, most of them as German premiere. Nearly all filmmakers were present to introduce their work. The 2018 edition presented films with and about:

Hal Ashby, Luis Barragán,
Ingmar Bergman, Milford Graves,
Harry Gruyaert, Michel Houellebecq,
Alfredo Jaar, Stanley Kubrick,
Yayoi Kusama, Agnes Martin,
Rocío Molina, Haruki Murakami,
Iggy Pop, Raghu Rai, Raoul Ruiz,
Daniel Schwartz, Garry Winogrand,
Joel-Peter Witkin and Jerome Witkin

DOKUARTS provides the opportunity to witness the entire fascinating and vivid spectrum of contemporary work in the field of documentary film beyond format. Particularly unconventional intimate artist-portraits, essay films, long-term observations and the documentation of work processes have become a rarity within the German media landscape. Internationally, however, these works enjoy great popularity and are held in high esteem by film makers as well as the general audience even if they usually are placed at the fringes of the big festivals. Thematically, all arts can be represented: music, literature, painting, sculpture, architecture, theatre, cinema, photography, dance, concept art, experimental film, film montage, etc.

DOKUARTS showcases through its program the memory of the arts and their significance for the present. Our project offers film makers, scholars and artists a platform to engage in a mutually stimulating dialog about genre-specific films as well as about current art discourses.

In conjunction with the European Month of Photography, we featured 6 films on the art of photography. European and German premieres over the course of a single weekend, October 12-14, and the presence of photographers Harry Gruyaert and Daniel Schwartz were amongst the highlights of the festival.

The 2018 symposium Beyond Format took place in cooperation with the European Documentary Network and discussed the historical, present and continuing formatization of media and culture as well as the interrelations between conditions of production, aesthetics, and politics in the context of films on art and future prospects of the unformatted documentary film.